Fade In…..

Waiting on the shores of brightness

Begged, O Begged, I begged for kindness

Will I ever, will I ever, make my way across these waters

Make my way to that radiant angel

Waiting just beyond these waters.


Tired was I of eternal waiting

Spent a lifetime, in toils unfruitful

Stars lit the velvet sky, giving way to good old sleep

My companion unwavering and ever so faithful


Sleep took me in her caring arms and dreams back in time

When I was but a lad, with cheerful smile and sparkling eyes

But that cruel mistress fate decided that it should, it must, intervene

And my eyes fell upon an angelic lass, hitherto unseen.


Her hair, as dark as the moonless night

Made their way to her slender waist

Her lips soft and cherry red, her figure as supple as a willow

Her eyes were dark and thoughtful, with a passion chaste


Although somehow, I knew, that our union was impossible

Yet, I was happy in my servitude, in being her slave, forever

For although my ears were still deprived of her melodious voice

Her warmth, her glow, her burning passion, somehow kept my love alive


But once again, our mistress fate, decided it should, it must, intervene

And finally, joy found its way in to my sad and dreary life

For there she was at my door, her eyes burning with that familiar passion

She said she’s here, she’s mine, in a voice that echoed sweet compassion.


She took my hand, and led me on a journey

Across silent moors and woods of old

She brought me to a cave presently,

And kissed me on my lips so dearly.


Her lips tasted like the very nectar dripping from heavens

Her supple figure was close to mine entangled

In that moment, I wanted time to eternally freeze

So that I can be in that cave shielded from life’s ironies.


And then suddenly, she had to leave

Her eyes filled with sorrow unforeseen

She said promise me, promise me, to find me on the shores of brightness

And see your heart forever redeemed


So, after years and years of toil, here I came

To these shores of brightness to which she had guided

And was at once rejoiced to see her there’

And to redeem my heart as she foretold


But now between us lies this endless sea

Days and months and years abright

I was hers and she was mine

But never could our love alight


For here I am on the shores of brightness

Begging, O’ Begging I am begging for kindness

For I may not, may no ever

Make my way across these waters

Make my way to my radiant angel

Waiting just beyond these waters